Please welcome Camryn Corbett (she/her/hers), our new Special Projects Intern! Camryn has been with the organization since the beginning of February.

A Syracuse-area native, Camryn hails from Camillus and is an undergraduate senior at Syracuse University, studying Environment, Sustainability, and Policy with a base major in Political Science.

Camryn has always had an interest in policy and law, aspiring to be a lawyer during high school. During the first semester of her freshman year in college, she took an Oceanography course and delved into the impacts of climate change. With a background in climate change, her interest in the food system was deepened during a course on Environmental Justice when she learned about food deserts in the United States. In learning about Syracuse’s low income-low access areas, Camryn’s interest in the local food system grew and she became involved with SOFSA during her political science internship class.

With a love for policy and law, she is wrapping up her senior year and preparing for a future career in either of these fields, with aspirations of becoming an environmental lawyer.

When not engaged in food system or educational work, she can be found spending time with her girlfriend at alternative music concerts across the East Coast, here locally at Recess, or with her cats Shabba (lovingly called “Chunk”) and Luna.