The time is here for the 2023 Advisory Board elections. We have three new candidates up for election, as well as one current Advisory Board member up for re-election. Elections are taking place at the SOFSA Open Meeting on Thursday, January 19th. See below for candidate biographies, talents, expertise and areas of interest in food systems work.

New Candidates

Beth Dubois

Beth is the Pastoral Associate at the University United Methodist Church, but has also served at congregations in the Southside and Valley neighborhoods. Beth currently helps run the UUMC Food Pantry and has been involved in emergency food systems for over 25 years as well as social justice organizing in other arenas. She appreciates the ways in which SOFSA works to address real issues without replicating work already being done.


Emergency Food Provider, Consumer/Community Member, and Faith-Based Work

Ethan Tyo

Ethan is a home gardener, food systems organizer, and member of the Mohawk Nation. During his time in Syracuse, Ethan has helped forge deeper connections between the University and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy by building one of the first land-back projects (the Three Sisters garden at Pete’s Giving Garden). Ethan is passionate about continuing to decolonize academia, building food sovereignty, and supporting Indigenous foodways.


  • Consumer/Community Member, Community/Home Gardener, Onondaga Nation

Amy Grover

Amy is a member of the Syracuse Grows Board, healthcare practitioner, home cook and gardener. She believes in the potential of our community and that grit and accountability can help influence meaningful change.


  • Consumer/Community Member, Community/Home Gardener, Community Health Practitioner

Candidate Up for Re-Election

Curtis Waterman

Curtis is a member of the Onondaga Nation, where he works on the Hunting and Fishing Crew at the Onondaga Nation Farm. Additionally, Curtis is an accomplished musician, playing multiple instruments including the harp, harmonica and flute.

Talents & Expertise:

  • Active within SOFSA since its inception in 2019
  • Provides strong critical thinking and is solutions-minded
  • Supporting the launch of the Food & Environment Working Group


  • Rural Producer, Processor, Emergency Food Provider
  • Onondaga Nation
  • Other: Non-GMO Seed Collection