Racial Justice & Food Sovereignty

SOFSA is committed to an ongoing practice of embedding racial equity, justice, and accountability into all of our work. This includes maintaining our affinity group spaces for BIPOC and for LGBTQ+ folks as well as continuing educational workshops around various social justice topics in the food system. Read more about our plan to continue to embed racial justice in our Action Plan for Racial Justice and Equity. 

SOFSA’s Action Plan for Equity and Racial Justice
Developed following the Soul Fire Farm Uprooting Racism in the Food System training as well as the Food Systems Leadership Network Organizational Change for Racial Justice training, this is a guide that maps out SOFSA’s commitments to developing a racially just organization.
Health Beyond Weight in Food Justice Recording
A recording of a panel of 3 fat liberation activists, moderated by a professor of fat studies, that covered the ways in which weight stigma affects people in the healthcare system and the food system.
“Collective Wayfinding Part 1: Building a Justice-Oriented Organization from the Start” Recording
A recording of a workshop lead by SOFSA staff and members of the SOFSA Equity, Inclusion, and Accountability committee that looked at the way in which SOFSA has been building racial equity into our organization.
BIPOC @ SOFSA Sign-Up Sheet
Click through to sign up for SOFSA’s BIPOC-only monthly affinity group meeting.
Pride @ SOFSA Sign-Up Sheet
Click here to sign up for SOFSA’s LGBTQ+-only quarterly affinity group meeting.
Resources from Collective Wayfinding workshop
This document contains resources compiled for the August 2022 Collective Wayfinding workshop held in partnership with the Food Systems Leadership Network.