Food System Change

SOFSA works to build upon existing assets in our region by continually deepening our understanding of the changing dynamics of the Onondaga County food system. Alongside our ongoing work to engage food system stakeholders to learn about their vision for the future, we utilize prior assessments and plans to inform our strategies. Check out some of the plans and data that we draw upon in doing our work – including some we’ve created along the way!

SOFSA 2024 Policy Platform

SOFSA 2022 Annual Report
As we look back on 2022, we are overwhelmed with pride for our Syracuse, Onondaga County, and Onondaga Nation community. In collaboration with our amazing partners, SOFSA has accomplished many feats over the past year. This Annual Report is a celebration of the ways in which we prioritize interconnectedness, sharing of resources, deep listening, and community engagement.

FoodPlan CNY

Crafted by original SOFSA members Matt Potteiger and the late Evan Weissman, FoodPlanCNY was a multi-year assessment exploring the vital role the food system plays in our region’s economy, environment, and public health. SOFSA’s formation was an outgrowth of the learnings from the FoodPlanCNY process and the plan’s recommendation to “Coordinate food system projects, planning, and policy.”
Draft April 2022

Onondaga County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan

Supported by funding from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets’ Farmland Protection Planning Program and the Onondaga County Agriculture Council, the plan identifies current key issues and opportunities facing the region’s food system. Through its five goals, the OCAFPP recommends specific, actionable strategies for protecting farmland and advancing the viability of farming through strategic economic development.

Vision 2050

A New York State Vision for a Profitable, Regenerative, Equitable, & Healthy Food System Future by 2050

Developed by the Center for Agricultural Development & Entrepreneurship and released in 2022, Vision 2050 is an integrated, comprehensive statewide food system vision by 2050–one that is profitable, regenerative, equitable, and healthy–aimed at setting the agenda for New York’s political leaders.
SOFSA Background Slide Deck
Check out this evolving slidedeck where the SOFSA team captures an overview of our work and what’s coming down the pike. We present this deck four times a year at our Open Meetings held in October, January, April, and June.
Early Visioning for SOFSA
In October 2019 when SOFSA was preparing to launch, early leaders across the food system crafted a vision for what they’d like the work to include.