The Valley Plaza Winter Market was recently featured in the news as a project that is currently addressing food access issues in the Southside of Syracuse. SOFSA partners Brady Farm and Food Access Healthy Neighborhoods Now! (FAHNN) have been instrumental in the development of this project.

The article features interviews from Trudy Eudell, FAHNN! member and Southside resident, as well as Maura Ackerman, SOFSA Director, and Rhonda Vesey, SOFSA Community Liaison and FAHNN! Chairperson. Trudy, Maura, and Rhonda all highlight the different struggles with food access that are a result of systemic disinvestment in this neighborhood.

Read the article on Spectrum News 1:

“We have the hospital up on the hill, community college, Nob Hill apartments, Brighton Towers, Loretto. We are a full community, and we don’t have a grocery store,” she said.  

– Trudy Eudell has lived behind Valley Plaza for more than 40 years and has seen grocery stores come and go.